Blackburn v Sunderland (8.45pm)

Blackburn v Sunderland (8.45pm)

Last suggestion is the one relating to the outcome of the away team scoring goals (best odds 1.27 on GoldBet).

The two league leaders lost in the last round, in fact Sheffield lost the entire stake against Stoke away, while Norwich even lost in front of their friendly fans with a daring 2-3 against a team like Preston who had achieved 4 in the first 12 Championship races! Preston itself will be the protagonist of a ninth round recovery, again away and against Bristol City. Let’s then move on to the presentation of Wednesday evening’s match, with the related prediction.

Bristol City-Preston (8.45pm)

The hosts are in a very deep crisis given that in the last five days there have been four defeats, with the only point taken in the home match against Coventry which ended with a colorless 0-0. In the standings Bristol City now falls to eighteenth position, with a narrow advantage of four points over the relegation zone which obviously causes concern for the local fans. In terms of goal difference, the 20 goals scored are worth highlighting, while in defense there is still a lot to work on given the 21 goals conceded.

Preston never ceases to amaze, a team that tactically is among the most difficult teams to face and which has conceded only 6 goals in 13 games, with only two games ending in defeat, for a ranking that speaks of an excellent eighth place with two just a few points away from the playoff zone. In the last two days there have been precious victories against Wba and Norwich, which have further contributed to raising the enthusiasm in a dressing room that is experiencing a state of physical and mental grace. The only flaw is represented by the offensive performance, with only 7 goals to his credit, but in a similar context it’s like nitpicking.


I don’t believe in Preston’s third consecutive victory, also due to the strong ranking reasons of the opponents, therefore first game choice relating to the 1x+under 3.5 combobet (best odds 1.70 on Snai). The second choice instead concerns the simple outcome over 1.5 (best odds 1.32 on GoldBet), while the third and final game proposal concerns the combobet over 0.5 first half + over 0.5 second half (best odds 1 .82 on Better).

A breathless calendar for the English team which is experiencing yet another midweek round, in a context of extreme balance which sees the top eleven teams enclosed in just five points. On Tuesday evening there will be six matches scheduled and here is the analysis of the individual Championship matches, with the related predictions.

Huddersfield-Preston (8.45pm)

With the defeat suffered against Rotherham in the previous round, the number of matches which ended with a defeat for Huddersfield, which sank to the penultimate position, -3 from the safety zone, rose to 8, a context which obviously creates some apprehension among the local fans who see nightmare scenarios for the season finale.

Preston arrive at this match after two consecutive defeats suffered against Stoke and Bristol City, practically unprecedented for a team that has always sold dearly up until now, conceding very few goals. However, in the standings the guests remain just three points away from the playoff zone, with a flattering haul of 19 points in total.


Of all the odds, I am particularly convinced by the one relating to the outcome over 1.5 (best odds 1.36 on Better), while the second choice is based on the outcome x (best odds 3.10 on Snai), whose value exceeds tripling. The third and final game solution concerns the outcome of corners over 7.5 (best odds 1.26 on GoldBet).

Norwich-Luton (8.45pm)

Two defeats in a row for the Canaries stopped by Preston and Watford, results that cost them the drop to third place, behind the leading pair formed by Sheffield United and Burnley, an extremely uncertain context however given that Qpr and Blackburn have the same points as Norwich . The calendar now features a very healthy Luton as an opponent who is coming off a series of six games without defeat, with a total balance of three wins and three draws, with a seventh place just one point away from the playoff zone.


In my opinion, the combobet 1+over 1.5 is worth trying (best odds 2.40 on GoldBet), which has a decidedly dizzying odds well above doubling, while the less risky alternative is based on the multigoal 2-4 (best odds of 1.53 on Better). The last game proposal concerns the outcome of the first half under 1.5 (best odds 1.35 on Snai).

Swansea v Reading (8.45pm)

After four victories in a row, the Welsh side Swansea suffered a defeat against league leaders Burnley, a very heavy 0-4 which cost them a drop to seventh place on equal points with Luton, but with a gap of just one point from the playoff zone.

Guests in a clear decline phase as can be seen from the two consecutive knockouts suffered against Qpr and Wba, with a sixth place now highly at risk given the narrow advantage over the numerous pursuers. Reading have so far shown a very low propensity to draw, with just one match ending in a split, while in the other matches there have been 7 wins and 6 defeats.


As the first game solution taken into consideration I propose the goal outcome (best odds 1.78 on GoldBet), while the second choice is based on the x outcome (best odds 3.40 on Snai), whose value well exceeds the tripling . The third and final suggestion is the one relating to the outcome of the away team scoring goals (best odds 1.42 on Better).

Blackburn v Sunderland (8.45pm)

It’s been a frighteningly up-and-down journey for Blackburn, a team incapable of finishing at least one game with the division of the stakes, with a general tally of 8 wins and 7 defeats, for a still exciting ranking given the third place shared with Qpr and Norwich.

After a series of four consecutive games without a win, here comes the fifth victory in the championship for Sunderland, fresh from the remuntada against Wigan which allowed them to climb back up to 20 points, just two points away from the playoff zone.


I am convinced in Blackburn’s positive result, although I do not discard the possibility of a draw and therefore the first game choice is based on the 1x+over 1.5 combobet (best odds 1.74 on GoldBet), which presents a decidedly generous odds. The second choice, however, is based on the 3-4 multigoal (best odds 2.65 on Better), whose value far exceeds the doubling, while the last proposal is based on the outcome of the first half (best odds 2.05 on Snai ).

Stoke v Rotherham (8.45pm)

Stoke raises the level of their game by overtaking both the league leaders Sheffield and the tough Preston, two good victories that bring the local team closer to the playoff zone, in fact only three points separate them from sixth place. Opponents of the day are Rotherham who come from the narrow victory obtained against Huddersfield, which comes after a negative series characterized by two draws and two defeats. In the standings the guests rise to 18 points, -4 from the playoff zone.


Given the odds offered, I think outcome 1 is very attractive (best odds 1.87 on Better), while the ambitious alternative concerns the multigoal 3-5 (best odds 2.15 on Snai). The third and final game proposal is that relating to the outcome over 1.5 (best odds 1.31 on GoldBet), which has the lowest risk index.

West Bromwich v Bristol City (9pm)

After eight consecutive rounds without the slightest sign of a victory, with a balance of just five points forfeited, Wba returned to victory, surprisingly beating Reading and moreover away from home without conceding a goal. Thanks to this result, the home team leaves the relegation zone, albeit with an extremely narrow advantage of just one point. The overall balance highlights the 8 draws obtained so far, against only two victories and four defeats, with 19 goals scored and 18 scored.

Bristol City in free fall as can be seen from the progress of the last seven days, in which there have been five defeats, one draw and only one victory, due to a ranking situation which has literally become complicated given the dangerous approach to a relegation zone which he is now five lengths away.


Confidence in the Wba, which in terms of general condition appears to be clearly recovering, while not discarding the possibility of a draw and therefore the first game choice falls entirely on the 1x+under 3.5 combobet (best odds 1.68 on GoldBet ). Second game suggestion relating to the multigoal 2-3 (best odds 2.05 on Snai), while the third and final choice is based on the combobet over 0.5 first half + over 0.5 second half (best odds 1.57 on Better).

Thanks to the recovery win on Tuesday evening against Norwich, the situation at the top of the Championship table changes, with Burnley taking the lead thanks to these three points, with a two-point advantage over the duo formed by Blackburn and Qpr, who on Friday evening, among other things, he will be the protagonist of the advance match of the 18th round on the Birmingham pitch. But let’s now move on to the presentation of the challenge, with the related prediction.

Birmingham-Qpr (9pm)

For Qpr, four victories in the last five days of the championship, alternating with the defeat suffered at home to Luton by 3-1, a brilliant journey that allowed the visiting team to climb into second position together with Blackburn, but with a game less than league leaders Burnley. So, all things considered, QPR is a potential league leader in the junior series, but obviously the championship is so long and exciting that they haven’t yet glimpsed a big favourite. For the guests already 9 victories forfeited and 25 goals scored, numbers that lead us to be rather optimistic for this Championship season.

Birmingham fresh from the away defeat against Blackburn, sixth defeat since the start of the tournament, for a fifteenth place with just three points ahead of the relegation zone, a context that requires a rather regular pace to avoid being sucked into the red zone.


I expect ninety extremely entertaining minutes and therefore the first game choice is based on the goal outcome (best odds 1.73 on GoldBet), while the most demanding can take the x outcome into consideration (best odds 3.25 on Snai) . Last piece of advice is the one relating to the outcome of the guest’s goal (best odds 1.29 on Better).

The second tranche of six matches, scheduled for Wednesday evening, will close the curtain on the midweek round, with two of the three league leaders ready to challenge Birmingham away, in the case of Burnley, and Coventry, in the case of Sheffield United. Here is the presentation of the individual Championship races, with the related predictions.

Birmingham-Burnley (8.45pm)

Thanks to the consecutive victories obtained against the Welsh side Swansea and Coventry, the visiting team flies to first place in the second division, equal on points with Sheffield United held on a draw by Blackpool. Burnley are the least beaten team of the tournament, with only one defeat suffered, 7 draws and 6 wins, for a goal difference of 24 goals scored and only 12 conceded.

Birmingham comes from consecutive victories against Hull and Bristol City, important results that allow them to climb to twelfth position -3 from the playoff zone, despite a rather modest scoring average, balanced by the great defensive resistance.


Confidence in a Burnley team that should at least snatch a draw in this away match, therefore first game choice relating to the double chance x2 (best odds 1.27 on Snai), while the more ambitious can take into account the goal outcome (best odds 1.83 on GoldBet). Third and last piece of advice concerns the 2-4 multigoal (best odds 1.52 on Better).

Blackpool-Hull (8.45pm)

The hosts are returning from a positive series of three days characterized by a 3-1 victory against Watford, alternating with draws against Sunderland and Sheffield, the latter match being particularly exciting given the final 3-3, with the third goal opponent conceded even in the eighth minute of injury time! In the standings the local team occupies sixteenth position, +3 above the relegation zone, with a goal difference characterized by 16 goals scored and 20 conceded.

Hull City has been in free fall in the last eight matchdays, with a frightening record of seven defeats and only one victory, the one obtained on 5 October against Wigan. Only two draws in the overall balance, with 4 wins and 8 defeats, for a fourth-to-last place just one point away from the relegation zone.


The odds proposed for outcome 1 are very inviting (best odds 2.05 on GoldBet), which appears to be anything but a gambling gamble, while the less risky alternative is based on multigoal 1-3 (best odds 1.40 on Snai ). Finally, last proposal based on the outcome of corner over 7.5 (best odds 1.24 on Better).

Coventry-Sheffield United (8.45pm)

Thanks to the away victory against Cardiff in the previous round, the points gained by Coventry in the last five days of the championship rose to eight, an important leap in quality which allowed them to get closer to four points from the safety zone despite the last position occupied. Opponents of the day are league leaders Sheffield United, who however are experiencing a worrying setback in their game, with only two points forfeited in the last four matches played, with last Saturday’s incredible 3-3 draw against Blackpool, snatched only in the eighth minute injury time and after failing to take the penalty awarded in the 88th minute. First position which is currently shared with Burnley, with a trio of pursuers just one point away, namely Qpr, Norwich and Blackburn.


The value relating to the odds offered for the combobet 2+over 1.5 is unbelievable (best odds 3.25 on GoldBet), which even exceeds the tripling! The second choice is based on the multigoal 2-5 (best odds 1.32 on Better), while the last recommended bet is based on the outcome of the first half (best odds 2.10 on Snai).

Qpr-Cardiff (8.45pm)

After three victories in a row comes an unexpected knockout for the very fast Qpr, defeated in the last round of the championship by Luton, with a peremptory 3-1 final.

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